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CUSU Little Green Book 1997

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The Media

British tabloids are seemingly obsessed with celebrities, sex and sport. The broadsheets are preoccupied with Westminster politics and The City. Where do the environment, human rights and social justice fit in? They don't. Swampy pops up, but is rapidly bundled into one of those tired old categories, and the important issues are simply ignored. Occasionally demonstrations feature, but usually only when the protestors can be portrayed as a bunch of rioting extremists. The real issues are forgotten behind the media fascination for conflict (real or manufactured). Ordinary people feel left out and the powerful are not being held to account: they are giving their account.

The DIY & environment movement has responded with one of the most imaginative ranges of alternative newssheets, magazines and videos in the world. Corporate Watch, Undercurrents, Earth First! Action Update, GreenLines, SchNews, Squall & Red Pepper are some of the best. They are all well written & produced, informative & entertaining and unlike conventional media they leave you feeling empowered to go out to change things, rather than full of despair. You wonąt find them in the shops, but their philosophy is shared by The Big Issue, which in its own way helps the DIY & Direct Action movement challenge the prejudices that surround it.

The only way to be sure you are getting the truth, though, is to go out and experience it yourself.

Alternative Media

  • Undercurrents video on in Kings soon
  • See Cambridge Green Action for SchNews
  • Copies of others in the CUSU World Room

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