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CUSU Ethical Affairs E-mail Lists

CUSU Ethical Affairs mailing lists

There are a variety of 'green' e-mail lists which both individuals and societies can sign up to:

Cusu-ethical-news (subscribe)

This list sends out one weekly bulletin, plus occasional stop-press announcements, aiming to give a concise round-up of forthcoming Cambridge events relating to ethical and environmental issues, organised not just by CUSU Ethical Affairs but by all relevant societies. Thus it eliminates the need to be on lots of lists at once, and so actually reduces the volume of your mailing list mail. Like debt consolidation, only better. If you have a general interest in green and ethical issues but are not directly involved with CUSU Ethical Affairs, this is the list you should join. Low-volume.


This is for current green officers to share problems and solutions, as well as for CUSU Green and EEC officers to communicate with the entire green officer network. If you are a college green officer and aren't on this list, you should be - email us. If you aren't a green officer you can still post to the list (subject to moderation) if you need to communicate with all college green reps at once.

Subscribing/unsubscribing to the lists

  • Anybody may subscribe to any of these lists (except soc-green-officers, which is only for green officers), which are of course free of charge.
  • The easiest way to subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the lists is to use the Mailman web interface, by clicking on the "subscribe" links above.
  • Alternatively, use the e-mail address (for instance, or contact the CUSU Ethical Affairs Chair.
  • If you really want to, and you have a Cambridge Hermes e-mail account, you may check which lists you currently belong to by opening an SSH connection to, then choosing option 7 ("LISTS") then option 5 ("MINE").