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CUSU Ethical Affairs Chair

The CUSU Ethical Affairs Chair

CUSU has an Ethical Affairs Chair, elected every March by cross-campus ballot.

The Ethical Affairs Chair role for 2012-13 is shared by Harrison Bowers and Natasha Kudryashova.

CUSU Ethical Affairs can be contacted at <ethical-chair[at]>.

Reponsibilities of the Ethical Affairs Chair

The Ethical Affairs Chair has two main responsibilities:

Running CUSU Ethical Affairs Campaigns

We co-ordinate the campaigns, sort out meetings of the Ethical & Environmental Committee and liase with the EEC elected officers and with College Green Officers.

Being on the CUSU Exec

The Ethical Affairs Chair is a member of the CUSU Executive. This entails attending the weekly CUSU Exec meeting, fornightly CUSU Council meetings and helping out with general events which CUSU organises such as the Societies Fair at Kelsey Kerridge.

The Ethical Affairs Team

The Ethical Affairs Chair is the chair of the CUSU Ethical Affairs Team. This team consists meets weekly, and all are welcome to attend these meetings. The team consists of:

Environment Officer

Ethical Investment Officer

Ethical Consumership Officer

Communities and Volunteering Officer

Ethical Affairs Coordinator (Open Portfolio Position)