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Recycling at Trinity has taken a sharp upturn during the academic year 2007-08, and we are looking to improve this even more this year. The 'green bin' scheme was widened to the whole of College: this provides every student room with its own bin for recycling paper which is removed by housekeeping on a weekly basis. Trinity also has points for recycling cardboard, glass, batteries and ink cartridges. We also designed and had installed our —hopefully!—wonderful 'green posters' into each student room which inform students of recycling points around College and by extension their nearest recycling points. These have proven to be a real success.

Unfortunately, Trinity does not yet recycle plastics although we are looking to change this during the coming year. Whilst the Council has told us that recycling plastics would not be possible due to access issues with Trinity Street, it has been established that Donarbon provide a plastic recycling service. We hope that this will provide a solution to this thorn in our side during the coming year.

Ethical Affairs

Owing to Trinity's slightly different student union make-up, Ethical Affairs has largely been dealt with by a separate society within College. The Green Society is, however, hoping to bring 'green' issues more in-line with other colleges during this academic year.


Please feel free to contact me, David (dac45), if you have any questions. Vive l'environnement !