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Pembroke has a good environmental policy, put into practice by an Environmental Awareness Committee consisting of relevant staff, Fellows and students. See last year's Environmental Annual Report for more details.

Green & Ethical Catering

Pembroke Catering takes great pride in its ethical and green credentials. During the last four years we have accomplished the following:

  1. We became the 2nd Fairtrade accredited college in Cambridge during 2006.
  2. We are Vegan society accredited since Jan 2008.
  3. We are the only college in Cambridge to exclusively serve free-range chicken and eggs
  4. We offer the largest range of vegetarian and vegan foods of any college in Cambridge
  5. We do not sell endangered species of fish and try to source all our seafood from sustainable or MSC certified fisheries.
  6. We source as much of our Vegetables, fruit and meat as possible from local suppliers.
  7. We were awarded a 5-star food safety rating by the local environmental health office in 2006, one of only three colleges in Cambridge to achieve the maximum scores-on-doors rating.
  8. We are the first Catering department in Cambridge to measure its weekly carbon footprint. Each week we display the total CO2 emitted per meal during the previous week and actively take measures to reduce this amount throughout the department.
  9. All our food waste is composted as opposed to land filled; this process greatly reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere (When waste food ends up in landfill it is effectively buried without a supply of oxygen. The anaerobic decay of buried food releases both carbon dioxide and methane gas, methane has a global warming potential 25 times higher than carbon dioxide.)
  10. We are constantly working with our suppliers to reduce the amount, and type of packaging they use. Peppercorns, our sandwich supplier have just introduced new packaging that is 100% biodegradable and does not contain any petroleum based plastics.
  11. In hall you will find recycling bins for coffee cups, plastic bottles and glass bottles.
  12. During the summer we have introduced Pembroke College "Helping to save the planet" coffee mugs. These attractive black mugs are made from 100% recycled plastic and are great at absorbing the heat of hot liquids, unlike ceramic mugs, making them very comfortable to use as well as being durable. The mugs cost £2.00 each for Pembroke students and entitle you to 10p off all tea and coffee purchased using your mug.

(see the Catering website for more information)


Recycling facilities exist in all student gyp rooms and communal areas such as Hall and the JP. All normal items may be recycled in these bins, including plastic bottles. Batteries, printer cartridges and mobile phones may be recycled in the porters' lodge.