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St John's

St John's is leisurely making progress in Ethical Affairs. The Environmental Committee is the main apparatus through which recommendations (and, to some extent, decisions) are made on 'green' matters. The college has adequate recycling facilities (for details see below), although access to collection points across such a large college area remains a problem.

Food sourcing is generally good. The college stocks a lot of Fair Trade products. Fruit, vegetables and meat are sourced locally wherever possible. All eggs are free range.

Ethical investment is a contentious issue within John's. Certain steps in the right direction have been made (with varying success) but there is definitely much more to be done in this area!

Recycling Facilities in John's

Where to recycle different products within college:

Paper: Each room should have a white bag provided by the bedder (ask them for one if you haven't got one). There is also a paper recycling bin in the pigeon hole room at the Great Gate.

Glass, Aluminium, Plastic: Cripps (between D and E staircases) is the best place for students to bring their recycling. However, there are also facilities in the JCR and library. The facilities in the bar and buttery are meant specifically for waste bought at those sites.

Cardboard: Cripps (between D and E staircases) is currently the only place where cardboard can be recycled.

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