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Girton has had a host of hardworking JCR and MCR representatives for several years, and progress has been made in many areas with the help of the college management. The college's Sustainability Committee, a mixture of heads of department and JCR and MCR representatives, is designed to manage the environmental impact of our operations.

We are conscious of environmental and ethical issues and are constantly taking action to minimise Girton's effect on the environment by providing the necessary means to reduce our carbon footprint and by educating and inspiring students to take individual responsibility.


NEW recycling bins for dry mixed recyclables (plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminium cans), glass and biodegradable waste available in all corridor kitchens mean that Girton students are spoilt for facilities. Printer cartridge facilities are available at the Porters' Lodge. Battery recycling coming soon...

We take part in the CUECS Green League Table and hope to do very well in the recycling section next year!

Allotment Garden

After enthusiasm for the project from a few individuals in the Girton JCR community, a student run allotment garden has been set up in the college grounds. The JCR committee is now managing and funding the project through the JCR Green Officer, who now has an increased budget and the added responsibility to oversee the management of the project. All Girton undergraduates can take part in the project and post-grads are key to maintaining the plot over the holidays.

The project is in the development stages but vegetables have already been planted and we look for to our first harvest in the near future.

This project would not have been possible without the hard work of the individuals who set it up and should provide a green outlet for students as well as an aesthetic space and an insight into sustainable living.


As well as the "Weekly Green Award" and publicity of green events, Girton students are treated with a Green Underground (a party in the Girton Bar) to capture the enthusiasm and promote green issues. Previous themes have included "Anything But Clothes" and produced some fantastic (recyclable) fancy dress.

Ethical Investments

Included in our Environmental Policy are strategies for investment in companies not only clear of unethical conduct, but those with good environmental track records, and to bank with the Co-op.


After pressure from the students, the Girton College Cafeteria now stocks a range of Fairtrade snacks and drinks. The food sources continue to be evaluated to try to bring students and fellows ethically sourced food with a low carbon footprint at an affordable price. A Fairtrade Tea Party hosted by the JCR Green Officer allows students to enjoy Fairtrade goodness for free every year.