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About this website

The CUSU Green website has been around in various forms for over 10 years; its history and current form are described here.


The original site was mainly done by Hamish Downer and Mackie Lam, between around 1997 and 2000.

It was then reprogrammed in January 2001 by then CUSU Services Officer.

Mika Minio-Paluello, CUSU Green officer 2001-2002, then turned it into The Little Green Website.

Maintenance was done in August 2005 as part of an overhaul of CUSU's website provision.

Over the Christmas Vacation 05-06, Matt Sims, then CUSU Green Officer, attempted to get all of the content up-to-date and get more material readily accessible. This effort was continued by Aneaka Kellay, Green Officer 06/07.

During 2007-8, the current design was created by Rick Lupton, the webmaster, with the green officers Dan Chandler & Christine Berry. Since then it has been steadily improved and reorganised.

During 2009-10, the website was updated with the new CUSU Ethical Affairs Logo and an accompanying Wiki web page by Beth Wattleworth and Joan Groizard-Payeras, the then CUSU Ethical Affairs Chairs.

About the design

The design is by Rick Lupton, with credit to Aran @ for inspiration from the free template "Nautica2.2Liquid" (from OSWD). The photo of grass at the top is from SXC (a free stock photo site).