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Ethical Affairs Team

The CUSU Ethical Affairs team is made up of two co-chairs, a team of elected officers, and college green officers. To find your college green officer, have a look at the full list here.

Ethical Affairs Co-Chairs

Suyin Chalmin-Pui and Poppy Damon are the two CUSU Ethical Affairs Chairs, elected in the cross-campus CUSU elections.

Contact: ethical-chair[at]

Environment Officer

The environment officer exists to help green officers improve the environmental performance of their college, including support for introducing recycling systems, to help run our climate change campaign, and to raise environmental awareness through events and action.

Rogelio Luque Llora and James White

Contact: environment[at]

Socially Responsible Investment Officer

The ethical investment officer's job is to liaise with and assist students campaigning for ethical investment—whether organised groups (eg CSAAT, Sudan Divestment) or individuals—by providing information, resources, advice and organisational support. The EI officer is also in charge of running our Freedom Of Information survey once a year to update records on college investments, and organising events to raise awareness and keep ethical investment on the student agenda.

Daniel Macmillen, Joe Young, Jonas Knapp

Contact: ethicalinvestment[at]

Ethical Consumerism Officer

The Ethical Consumerism officer runs the campaign to get university Fairtrade status, helping Green Officers and college campaigners to get information and resources on how their college can go Fairtrade. They also organise awareness-raising events, particularly during Fairtrade fortnight, to raise the profile of Fairtrade among the student body.

Susanna Hartland

Contact: consumerism[at]


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Contact: ethical-chair[at]